Why J-Linking directly to a policy will no longer work for some carriers

JenesisClassic is a Microsoft product and only allows the use of Internet Explorer (IE) to access a carrier site using J-Links.  As carriers make the change to no longer support  IE, J-Links can no longer take you all the way to a policy.  Our solution is to take you to the log-in screen for these carriers. From there, you log in and search for the policy.
The solution of taking you to the website where you must log in is not a new solution.  It’s also one we have implemented as some carriers have implemented greater security, also causing issues with J-Links.
Unfortunately, we see the days of J-Links going all the way to the policy level as a feature that is going away over time.  We have received a few calls about this (specifically related to National General and Dairyland), so we felt it was time to let all agents know what to expect in the future.