Are you seeing old suspenses? If so, we have a quick fix for you.

Customize Suspense Box

We recently made a change that would allow users to have lots more flexibility over suspenses they see.  We were so excited to release this enhancement to you that we completely missed keeping your current settings for suspenses.  Here is a very short video on how to fix this.  It’s easy.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience!

Customize Suspense Box

Get your free copy of “The Fred Factor”

Jenesis got things rolling in the New Year with its new Jenesis team book club called The Page Turners!  Our first book, The Fred Factor, by Mark Sanborn, was an excellent way to kick off our first month.  You can learn a LOT from a mailman about how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.  What kind of difference are you making each day?  This is a short read… probably around 3 hours.  We LOVED it.  I have two copies of The Fred Factor to give away – first-come, first-serve.  Just send me an email at

The Page Turners will read one book each month and publish our meeting video shortly after.  Our February book is The Present, by Spencer Johnson.

Here’s a video of our inaugural Page Turner Book Club meeting about The Fred Factor.  We hope you enjoy it!

Why J-Linking directly to a policy will no longer work for some carriers

JenesisClassic is a Microsoft product and only allows the use of Internet Explorer (IE) to access a carrier site using J-Links.  As carriers make the change to no longer support  IE, J-Links can no longer take you all the way to a policy.  Our solution is to take you to the log-in screen for these carriers. From there, you log in and search for the policy.
The solution of taking you to the website where you must log in is not a new solution.  It’s also one we have implemented as some carriers have implemented greater security, also causing issues with J-Links.
Unfortunately, we see the days of J-Links going all the way to the policy level as a feature that is going away over time.  We have received a few calls about this (specifically related to National General and Dairyland), so we felt it was time to let all agents know what to expect in the future.