Employee Spotlight with Eddie Price – President & Founder / Insurance Agent / Programmer

Eddie Price

Eddie graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1988 and began his career in the insurance industry as an agent for North Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Company. In 1991, Eddie started Carolina Insurance, an independent insurance agency, from scratch. Later he went back to school to learn computer programming and with that new knowledge, created automation for his agency. By the late 90s, he began receiving inquiries from other agencies who had heard about his software. So, inadvertently, he began to sell the system to others. He named the product Jenesis, and the company Jenesis Software, after his then five-year-old daughter, Jenna.

Both businesses continued to grow over the years. In January 2018, Eddie made the difficult decision to sell his first baby, Carolina Insurance and focus only on Jenesis Software.

Over 27 years Eddie managed, acquired and sold several agencies. Looking back, he feels his richest source of knowledge and experience has come from his Jenesis relationships.

Eddie Price

Check out the NEW JenesisNow video …

Agencies are starting to move from JenesisClassic to JenesisNow because they love the new modern look and feel of the JenesisNow web browser based system. It’s not quite ready for everyone just yet but more than likely, you will want to move this year or next. We are in no hurry for you to move so please take your time in making the decision. The cost to move from JenesisClassic to JenesisNow is a one-time $100 per user conversion fee and the monthly fee normally ends up being about the same at it is for JenesisClassic.

Take a look at this video and let us know if you have any questions.

Jenesis 22.6.0 Beta Version Now Available

Version 22.6.0 Beta is now available for download if you are on the desktop version of Jenesis. If you are hosted, and most of you are, you will be automatically updated over the next few weeks.

Some of the features in this version include

  1. We have added an option in Agency Setup on the Defaults tap, to select the default Pay Plan Type to be used when adding a new policy.
  2. We have made a change when processing an online credit card payment with Simply Easier Payments and Sprucebooks. Only receipt line items with a payment method of Credit/Debit Card to Agency will pass to the processing site. This will allow the user to easily use a credit card for part of a payment and another method of payment for part of the payment.
  3. We have increased the font size on the invoice form and also added spell check to the note field under each line item.
  4. We have increased the note field on the invoice form to allow for two rows of text.
  5. We added a text box to enter an additional email address for other recipients besides the first and second insured email.
  6. We added Acord 90 (2015/12) for California to the Acord Library
  7. We updated Acord 80 FL (5/2022) and Acord 90 FL (5/2022)
  8. Images that are attached to a suspense item from inside a policy will now also be visible when viewing policy level images.
  9. We added a text box to enter an additional email address for other recipients besides the first and second insured email.
  10. Now the Fee-Late will automatically add to commercial receipts like they do with personal lines when the payment type is Late Installment.
  11. We have made a change where now when the user uses the rewrite feature, if they let the rewrite feature cancel the old policy, Jenesis will automatically check the Disable Email & Text checkbox. This checkbox will also be automatically checked if the user manually selects a cancel reason as Rewrite from the policy screen.
  12. We added a pdf view button and signature on the DL-123 form.
  13. We have added a Solar Panels checkbox to the personal property underwriting tab.
  14. We updated Acord 61 SC to version 2021/09
  15. When clicking the Retrieve Quote button on the National General Questions screen, the windows default browser will now open rather than Internet Explorer. This will normally be Google Chrome.

Check out the video for additional update help