4 Ways the Client Portal Can Save Your Agency Time and Money

When running an insurance agency, you are always in search of ways to save time and money without sacrificing the quality of service you offer clients. One excellent tool for doing this is the client portal from Jenesis. What Is the Client Portal? The Jenesis client portal is a way for your clients to access […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Customers Engaged

Customer loyalty is a crucial part of any insurance agency, and part of that loyalty will come from engagement. But it can be overwhelming to figure out how to keep your customers engaged. Understanding How to Boost Client Loyalty Before getting into how you can keep your customers engaged, make sure you understand why this […]

Nelson Francisco

Employee Spotlight with Nelson Francisco – JenesisClassic Developer

Nelson has been developing for over 20 years with a background within the retail, pharmaceutical, education and healthcare industry.

Latest Version

Jenesis Version 22.8.0 Now Available

Version 22.8.0 is now available for download if you are on the desktop version of Jenesis. If you are hosted, and most of you are, you will be automatically updated over the next few weeks. Some of the features in this version include Users are now able to show deleted images and admins are able […]

What our customers are saying about how we help them grow

We have provided a compilation of remarks our customers have submitted with regards to the various services the Search Marketing Resource team has provided over the years. The different requirements performed included Content Writing, SEO Programs, optimized Press Releases, Email Marketing campaigns, Google Adwords management, Social Media posts, Website Development…. all marketing needs requested. – WESTERN CASE – westerncase.com We have […]

Common Insurance Agency Growing Pains (And How to Avoid Them)

Most insurance agencies hope to expand their operations, but this will come with some growing pains. While there will be struggles as you grow, each of those will also present an opportunity to improve your agency and your revenue streams. Learn some of the most common growing pains for insurance agencies, and how to avoid […]

Customer First – How to Anticipate Your Clients’ Needs

To build client loyalty in your insurance agency, you want to have a customer-first approach and prioritize the needs of your clients. But how do you do this? Take a closer look at what a customer-first strategy is and how to create one by anticipating your clients’ needs. Understanding Customer-First Strategies The first thing to […]

July Product Update

JenesisNow Improved a better date of birth calendar to make it easier to enter a date of birth. We have added all policy types to the Acord 75 policy selection. We have added a  Descriptions field to All Medicare Policies, All Life Policies, and All Health Policies. Added a way to have a coverage value […]

Insurance in the Metaverse: Virtual Assets, Real Risks

For your insurance agency to grow, you must constantly look toward the future. One of the ways to do so is by thinking about what types of insurance products to offer. A perfect example of something that is essentially non-existent but will be incredibly widespread is metaverse insurance. By learning about metaverse insurance now, you […]

A big warm welcome to Joe Gauger, our new Account Manager, for Jenesis – The Agency Advantage!

Joe was born and raised in Kansas and so it comes as no surprise that Joe is a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan. He graduated from Pittsburg State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing in 2009. Joe’s insurance background includes Property & Casualty and Medicare Supplement sales, agent licensing and carrier appointments, and […]

Jenesis & Agency Advantage Tech Support will be unavailable Wednesday, July 13 from 11:45 am – 3:15 pm EST

We are having our Quarterly Team Meeting during this time. We love quotes here at Jenesis, so the one above suits us. Our quarterly meetings allow us to spend time “sharpening the saw” together. We believe it’s important to take this time to bring our team from around the US together. We believe it makes us and […]

Cyber Liability Insurance – An Easy Way to Round Out Accounts

Every insurance agency should always look for ways to deliver a better client experience and boost sales. You can do both by offering cyber liability insurance on top of what you currently offer your business clients. This is one of the newer types of insurance, but if you have any business clients, it is a […]

MUM’s The Word – What Your Agency Should Know About Google’s Multitask Unified Model

Your insurance agency likely has numerous components in its marketing strategy. But no matter what the rest of your strategy looks like, Google’s algorithms play a crucial role in your digital marketing. As such, you need to keep up to date on all the changes Google makes, including the recent MUM update. To make that […]

Jenesis aquires SMR

Jenesis Software Acquires Search Marketing Resource to Expand Service Offerings

North Carolina-based Jenesis Software announced that it has acquired Chicago-based Search Marketing Resource (SMR) and SEM Resource on May 1, 2022.

Lisa Price

Employee Spotlight with Lisa Price – Vice President / Insurance Agent

Lisa enjoys a little bit of accounting, human resources, marketing, communications and working with Jenesis company partners.

A Recap of Google’s May 2022 Core Update

Your insurance agency needs to stay on top of all the various Google updates. After all, Google’s search engines are a crucial part of your digital marketing strategies, especially SEO. Because of the importance of Google for your marketing, it’s smart to take a few minutes to see what happened in May 2022 and how […]

June Product Updates

JenesisNow The login page has been adjusted to be more responsive to various screens with info at the top. Your 2FA method will now be remembered from your last log-in.  One less click to get you where you are going! Custom Payment Types and Fees can now be manually added in Location Setup and fees […]

6 Ways Your Insurance Agency Can Leverage AI

Every insurance agency constantly strives to deliver a good client experience and improve efficiency. The right AI tools can help you do both at the same time. Chatbots, in particular, are among the most useful tools that your insurance agency can leverage. Take a look at some of the ways your insurance agency can put […]

How Many Touchpoints Is Enough?

When prospecting new clients for your insurance agency, touchpoints play an important role. There is no solid rule on how many touchpoints are enough, but there are some good guidelines to follow. What Are Touchpoints? As a refresher, a touchpoint refers to the interactions you have with potential customers during their buyer journey. It includes […]

Google Analytics 4 – Is Your Agency Ready?

Growing your insurance agency’s online presence requires collecting and analyzing data about your traffic. Do you know how people get to your website? What do site visitors do when they get to your website? Are prospects getting to your service pages? Not looking into your website analytics could waste opportunities to improve your performance. When […]