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Why J-Linking directly to a policy will no longer work for some carriers

JenesisClassic is a Microsoft product and only allows the use of Internet Explorer (IE) to access a carrier site using J-Links.  As carriers make the change to no longer support  IE, J-Links can no longer take you all the way to a policy.  Our solution is to take you to the log-in screen for these […]

Insurance Agency Scripts for (almost) Every Scenario

While it’s hard to imagine, even the best insurance agencies follow predetermined scripts. Usually, agents use them as part of selling or marketing the different available products. However, you’ll find these same scripts on insurance agency websites and throughout social media. While scripts might seem impersonal, they add value. As an example, scripts keep agents […]

Insurance Cross-Selling Is a Team Effort

The same parenting quote, “It takes a village to raise a child” applies to the business world. Regardless of the type of insurance your agency sells, you can’t achieve success without having a supportive team of agents. That’s especially true when it comes to cross-selling insurance policies. Reaching targeted goals requires the dedication of many […]

10 Tips to Managing a Remote Workforce

Before COVID-19, telecommuting was already a popular option for corporations throughout the country. This allowed employees to work remotely, usually from home. However, once the pandemic hit, telecommuting became more of a necessity. When managed correctly, a remote workforce can be an excellent solution for all types of businesses, insurance agency’s included! For one thing, […]

Core Web Vitals: What You Should Know

More than ever, you need a professional website. However, that goes beyond how it looks. More importantly, you want to focus on performance and navigation. With the pandemic, online business is booming. Whether doing research, shopping, reviewing statistics, or planning a trip, people expect a positive experience from the websites they visit. Regardless of the […]

Is Your Insurance Agency Prepared to Serve Gen Z?

People born during different periods fall into unique categories. For instance, baby boomers consist of individuals born between 1946 and 1964. So, there are a lot of baby boomers, most now reaching retirement age. Then, there’s Gen X, which came after baby boomers but before millennials. These individuals have birthdates that fall between the latter […]

Garbage In—Garbage Out: 6 Ways to Keep Your Insurance Agency Management System’s Data Clean

There’s an old saying that applies to many things in life, including the insurance industry. “Garbage in—garbage out” simply means that that effort people put into doing something determines the outcome. If someone doesn’t give 100 percent, they shouldn’t expect to get 100 percent back. This same saying also applies to the data that insurance […]

7 Ways You Can “Recession-proof” Your Insurance Agency

Following a rough 2020, primarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses have suffered. Although not quite the same as a recession, for many it felt very similar. Fortunately, the economy is bouncing back as people return to work and again start buying products and services. However, the experience that everyone had in […]

Jenesis Client Portal Tour

Welcome to the tour of the Jenesis Client Portal! Accessible by clients at with assigned credentials.

Which Insurance Designations Matter Most?

Every insurance agent wants to market themselves in the best way possible, as that helps attract the most clients. One of the first ways to market yourself is by considering what insurance designations to work toward. Clients will feel that the more designations you have, the more qualified you are to help them. But which […]

Jenesis 21.12.0 Beta Version Now Available

Version 21.12.0 Beta is now available for download if you are on the desktop version of Jenesis. If you are hosted, and most of you are, you will be automatically updated over the next few weeks. Some of the features in this version include We have added the functionality to see the client’s birthday to […]

October Product Updates

JenesisNow On the Client List when you click the next page it now takes you back to the top of the page. Added the pages to the top of the page as well. We added Acord 90 – Personal Auto Application for Georgia We have added fields under each user for Date of Birth, Social […]

Get Your Insurance Agency Ready for the Holiday Season

Even with the holiday season several weeks away, it is not too early to start getting your insurance agency ready for it. Now is the best time to start preparing for the holiday season if you haven’t already started doing so. If you aren’t sure what actions to take to prepare for the holidays, we’ve […]

How to Handle Insurance Cancellations

Your primary goal as an insurance agent is to make sales, and of course, you want to avoid cancellations whenever possible. Remember that even if a client wants to cancel their insurance policy, it is not set in stone. You still have the chance to win them back and convince them to stay. However, you […]

Stop Selling on Price

It’s no secret that the insurance industry is a highly competitive space to be in. Perhaps the most popular way that insurance agencies secure business is by trying to keeping prices low. Especially when it comes to mandated automobile and homeowner’s policies, people want to spend as little as possible without compromising on quality. This […]

Google’s Page Experience Update – What It Could Mean for Your Insurance Agency

As you know, Google changes its algorithms often. Some of them work in the background, which means not only do most businesses have no idea they exist, but also the new algorithms have barely any impact. However, Google also adds or changes algorithms that can significantly impact an insurance agency like yours. Recently, Google published […]

Latest Version

Jenesis 21.11.0 Full Version Now Available

Version 21.11.0 is now available for download if you are on the desktop version of Jenesis. If you are hosted, and most of you are, you will be automatically updated over the next few weeks. Some of the features in this version include From the JenesisClassic dashboard, choose Utilities from the ribbon then in the […]

How to Successfully Switch Insurance Agency Management Systems

Running a successful insurance agency doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes multiple factors to create a thriving business. That starts with an owner who has a clear vision and outstanding leadership qualities. Then, the insurance agency needs skilled agents who use their experience and knowledge of the industry to build client relationships and sell […]

How to Know When You Should Fire an Employee

When you run an insurance agency, you have tremendous responsibilities. That includes hiring the right people who can help the company grow. Also, you want to provide your staff with training so they can consistently hone their skills and give them the tools and systems they need to perform their jobs optimally. Unfortunately, there’s another […]