June Product Updates

JenesisNow The login page has been adjusted to be more responsive to various screens with info at the top. Your 2FA method will now be remembered from your last log-in.  One less click to get you where you are going! Custom Payment Types and Fees can now be manually added in Location Setup and fees […]

6 Ways Your Insurance Agency Can Leverage AI

Every insurance agency constantly strives to deliver a good client experience and improve efficiency. The right AI tools can help you do both at the same time. Chatbots, in particular, are among the most useful tools that your insurance agency can leverage. Take a look at some of the ways your insurance agency can put […]

How Many Touchpoints Is Enough?

When prospecting new clients for your insurance agency, touchpoints play an important role. There is no solid rule on how many touchpoints are enough, but there are some good guidelines to follow. What Are Touchpoints? As a refresher, a touchpoint refers to the interactions you have with potential customers during their buyer journey. It includes […]

Google Analytics 4 – Is Your Agency Ready?

Growing your insurance agency’s online presence requires collecting and analyzing data about your traffic. Do you know how people get to your website? What do site visitors do when they get to your website? Are prospects getting to your service pages? Not looking into your website analytics could waste opportunities to improve your performance. When […]

Insurance Agency Branding Basics

A key part of marketing your insurance agency is creating a brand. Branding helps you overcome the fact that shopping for insurance isn’t necessarily fun; it’s a necessity. Your clients aren’t coming to you because buying insurance is exciting. They’re there because they want to protect themselves financially in case something happens. This is why […]

JenesisNow – It’s Time to Make the Switch

Whether you are currently using JenesisClassic or another insurance agency management system, it is time to make the switch to JenesisNow. This is the most feature-filled and efficient, as well as the newest, management system from Jenesis. Created by insurance agents, all Jenesis software was designed to meet the unique needs of agents. The most […]

Lis Gibson

Employee Spotlight with Lisa Gibson – Implementation & Support Manager

Lisa joined The Agency Advantage team in July 2015 as a software trainer and quickly demonstrated the ability to oversee many other areas of the company. 

What Is Reputation Management and Why Does It Matter?

As you market your insurance agency, don’t forget to include reputation management strategies. Reputation management is crucial for any company, but it is especially important for insurance agencies, as your clients need to trust you. Discover more about reputation management, including why it matters. What Is Reputation Management? To put it simply, reputation management is […]

Happy Memorial Day from Jenesis & Agency Advantage

We are so proud to honor our military this day and every day. To all those who courageously gave their lives, to those who bravely fight today… to all servicemen and women, we thank you. Jenesis and Agency Advantage Support will be unavailable Monday, May 30th. We wish you and your families a safe and […]

The Importance of Balancing Your Book of Business

As an insurance agency, you almost certainly have a book of business. Even if you haven’t heard the term book of business, you most likely have one. This is simply the list of clients that you maintain. You probably have your insurance agency management software handle it for you, or you may use a customer […]

6 Ways Your Agency Can Thrive Despite Rising Inflation

Before getting into the details of how you can thrive despite inflation, make sure you understand why it is such a concern. Overall inflation across all sectors means that the items for which you offer insurance will cost more. With autos and homes having higher prices, the cost of replacing them increases. This leads to […]

May Product Updates

JenesisNow Product Updates Now when you change the drivers license # or state for a client it will update the driver on the business auto policy. Also, if you update the driver on the business auto policy it will update the person on the client. Lienholders now support up to 3 names and fill better […]

Role Playing to Increase Your Insurance Agency’s Sales

To maximize your insurance agency’s sales, you need to ensure that your team has sufficient training. One of the best ways to prepare your agents for various scenarios is to engage in role playing. This will let them practice some of the most common scenarios. It will also provide insights into techniques and arguments to […]

Effectively Manage Claims

One of your key roles as an insurance agency is managing claims. You need to do so efficiently and effectively. Not only does this ensure client satisfaction, but it is also essential to running your agency smoothly. The following tips should help you manage claims more effectively, improving your client experience and the workflow. Confirm […]

4 Ways Your Agency Can Target Seasonal Businesses

You know your insurance agency should always be in search of new clients, but you may be overlooking a crucial segment. If you sell any type of business insurance or insurance that could be applicable to businesses, you should be targeting seasonal businesses. Seasonal businesses can be a bit more difficult to target, as they […]

April Showers Bring May…Floods? 8 Ways to Sell More Flood Insurance

If your insurance agency offers flood insurance, this is the perfect time of the year to work to sell more of it. Doing so will help your bottom line and protect your clients from the financial impact of flood damage. We’ve gathered some of the best ways to sell more flood insurance. Target Renewals A […]

Your Agency Still Hasn’t Gone Paperless? What’re You Waiting For?

If your insurance agency hasn’t already gone paperless, you need to start working on the transition. Going paperless is much more than just an environmental concern. It also provides plenty of benefits for your agency, employees, and clients. You Help the Planet The most frequently touted reason to go paperless is to help the planet. […]

Eddie Price

Employee Spotlight with Eddie Price – President & Founder / Insurance Agent / Programmer

Eddie graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1988 and began his career in the insurance industry as an agent for North Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Company. In 1991, Eddie started Carolina Insurance, an independent insurance agency, from scratch. Later he went back to school to learn computer programming and with that new […]

9 Ways to Engage Your Community This Spring

Advertising your insurance agency comes in many forms, including engaging with your community. Spring comes with plenty of great opportunities to do just that, some of which are unique to the season and others that work all year round. Remember that engaging with the community does more than promote your agency. It also helps you […]

Check out the NEW JenesisNow video …

Agencies are starting to move from JenesisClassic to JenesisNow because they love the new modern look and feel of the JenesisNow web browser based system. It’s not quite ready for everyone just yet but more than likely, you will want to move this year or next. We are in no hurry for you to move […]