Jenesis 21.11.0 Full Version Now Available

Version 21.11.0 is now available for download if you are on the desktop version of Jenesis. If you are hosted, and most of you are, you will be automatically updated over the next few weeks.

Some of the features in this version include

  1. From the JenesisClassic dashboard, choose Utilities from the ribbon then in the Policy Type Manager group, choose either PL Policies or CL Policies. This will allow the user to assign existing policy types to a policy type that will be compatible with JenesisNow when the time comes to move from Classic to Now.
  2. We have added a new field ( Policy Notes ) to the General information Tab in Commercial lines. This field shows on the commercial tab. It may be used for any purpose such as an Address line.
  3. Updated Acord 28 to prefill the name field with business name if it is populated. Otherwise, prefill with first and last name.
  4. We have created 4 new Expiration reports Personal lines by user and by Producer as well as Commercial lines by user and producer.
  5. We have created a new report on the All Lines Tab that provides an excel spreadsheet download of all active policies, which includes detailed client and policy information. This report is designed for GloveBox; however, it will be a very usefull report for all agencies.
  6. We have made an easy way to match up the policy types in Jenesis to the policy types for JenesisNow for an easier conversion.

A complete list of changes in this version is available here.

Check out the video for additional update help